Zip Line Adventure

The Zip Line

The Zip Line

Southern Utah Guiding’s newest trip is a Zip Line Adventure.  After a dirt road drive, start hiking through boulders and barrel cacti emphasized by amazing views of Zion National Park to Pine Valley and the Red mountains.  A bit over 1 mile the hike tops out on an impressive band of cliffs. The next step is to rappel off the cliffs and climb the rocks back up to a mini slot canyon. After more climbing and scarmbelling you reach the zip line.  The zip line stretches 600′ over an amazing valley.  then pack-up and hike back to the trail head.  This trip is great for bigger groups, or just people looking for a taste of a variety of activities.


Zip Line Adventure 225$ per person

Trip around 4-6 hrs in duration (including travel)

2 person minmum

1 person add 50$

What to Expect

 The current zip line adventure is a seasonal trip. the area of the adventure is a sun collecting low elevation desert, it gets hot! Depending on the weather this trip season ends near may and begins in September.