Mountain Biking

 Southern Utah is a one of the best places in the country for mountain biking. The Zion, Hurricane and St. George areas have hundreds of miles of rideable trails.  Whether you're a beginner looking for a smooth flowing single-track or a technical slick-rock master, we have the trip for you.

We take pride in our modern, perfectly adjusted full-suspension mountain bikes that will greet you when you book with Southern Utah Guiding.


Half Day 200$ per person

Trip around up to 5 hrs hrs in duration (including travel)

2 person minmum

1 person add 50$

What to Expect

 A few considerations: For those who are Mountain Biking for their first time, or who have very limited experience, we can tailor your bike trip to a "Mtn. bike 101". We can also show experienced riders the preferred trails in the area.

The bikes don't have water bottle holders, so bring a backpack to carry water and snacks (hydration packs are preferable).  

Let us know through the registration process if you have a pedal preference or need any gear.  To keep you from getting "saddle-sore", padded shorts are a life-(butt)-saver.