Mountain Biking

 Southern Utah is a one of the best places in the country, world?, for mountain biking. The Zion, Hurricane, and St. George area's have hundreds of miles of rideable trails.  Whether you're a beginner looking for a smooth flowing singletrack, or a technical slickrock master, we have the trip for you. We take pride in our modern, perfectly adjusted, full suspension,  Mt. bikes that will greet you when you book with Southern Utah Guiding.


Half Day 200$ per person

Trip around up to 5 hrs hrs in duration (including travel)

2 person minmum

1 person add 50$

What to Expect

 A few considerations: We can taylor our bike trips to a "mtn. bike 101", for people trying biking for the first time. we can also show daily riders the preferred trails of the area. The bikes don't have water bottle holders; therefore, bring a backpack to carry water, and snacks (hydration packs are preferable).  Let us know, during registration, if you have a pedal preference or need any gear.  also, padded shorts are nice.