adventure log

So. UT. Guides paddle the Grand Canyon

A few shots of our antics while paddling our way down the Grand Canyon 

spring break weekend climbing biking and canyoning adventure

Welcome Spring with SoUTGuiding.

Join us on 3 days of adventure. A different experience everyday including, Rock climbing, Mountain Biking, and Canyoneering.

Special only lasts thru April so book now!

New year Wrap-up

Southern Ut Guiding and Crew My Run have had a big year.  from huge running adventure spanning from the Grand Canyon to Mount Rainier in Washington.  These interlaced with Rock climbing and canyoning adventures in and around Zion National Park.  Take a look.

Spring season update

it has been a busy season here in the gateway to Zion National park.  there have been great climbing and canyoneering adventures, punctuated by big running trips. take a look at the guides iphone photos