Canyoneering - Exploring water carved canyons, which require, Hiking, rappelling with ropes and technical rock scrambling skills for access.   The diverse geography of the Zion National Park area offers unique canyoneering adventures every trip.  Trip location are ultimately decided upon once you meet your guide. There is a canyon for everyone, willing to push themselves, and are open to a new adventure.  A sturdy shoe is recommended, plenty of water, a back pack, and snacks. or lunches for full day trips.  Southern Utah guiding will provide all technical gear, transportation, and any gear you may need, even lunches and snacks.

Full Day 200$ per person

Trip around 6 hrs in duration (including travel)

Half Day 125$ per person

Trip around 4 hrs in duration (including travel)

2 person minmum

1 person add 50$

What to Expect

 Trips change with the seasons, but the essentials are the same.  first, you should pack water and snacks;  no matter the weather an array of clothes should be brought.  basic layering is the way to go for clothes.  from tank tops to light long sleeves in the summer, and tee shirts to sweaters and coats in the other seasons.  ideal footwear, lightweight shoes designed for rock surfaces called approach shoes are the best, but there rather expensive and have a specific use.  trail running and hiking shoes are good options, and chaco/teva style sandals are okay especially in the wetter seasons.  bags and packs are necessary for the trips, and can be borrowed from just note it in the registration form.